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Why A Licence To Work As A Tourist Guide ?

Malaysia Tourism Industry Act 1992 [Part IV] : No person shall act, or hold himself out, as a tourist guide unless he is licensed under Malaysia Ministry of Tourism, Arts & Culture.

Institute of Professional Techniques & Skills, Mutiara Damansara, Selangor is an accredited learning center recognised by the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture Malaysia (MoTAC) and Department of Skills Development (JPK) Ministry of Human Resources (KSM) to conduct the Malaysia Skill Certificate (SKM) in Tourist Guide. It will allow you to work as Licensed Tourist Guide (TG) in Malaysia. 

The Course & Why Do You Need To Attend It ?

Malaysia Skill Certificate in Tourist Guide will prepare participants in becoming better, competent and  professional guides. Here, they will learn various skills that are required to be a licensed guide. Amongst the lessons are tour job assignment, tour itinerary, tour commentary, tour arrangement, tourist health, safety and security. Those who successfully pass the finals exam will be awarded the Tourist Guide Licence.

Perks & Benefits Working As Tourist Guide

Travel For Free

You can work and travel for FREE both domestically and internationally. Not to mention, making new friends and learning new cultures from all over the world !!

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Flexibel Working Hours

You DECIDE your own  schedule. Day or Week ? You may choose according to your need and availability. Submit your FLEXIBEL working schedule to travel agencies and enjoy your intended OFF DAYS !

Lucrative Earnings

More money in your pocket awaits you with minimum daily take of RM200 (not including COMMISSIONS and TIPS). You will earn more if you can speak in foreign languages.

Who Should Attend This Course ?

  1. Those who love to interact with people from different cultures and background around the globe.

  2. Retirees who wish to fill their free time and want to travel for free.

  3. Those who work in any related tourism industry such as taxi drivers, grab drivers, travel agency staff and etc.

  4. Those who wish for a better job with flexible working hours.

  5. Unfortunate Retrenched worker (VSS/MSS receivers) who are willing to invest and learn new skills to work in new sectors.

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Malaysia Skill Certificate in Tourist Guide

Malaysia Skill Certificate in Tourist Guide is awarded and recognized by Department of Skill Development (JPK), Ministry of Human Resources (KSM).

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Tourist Guide Licence Certificate

& Tourist Guide Batch

Tourist Guide Licence and Tourist Guide Batch are awarded and recognized by Ministry of Tourism, Arts & Culture Malaysia.

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Participants Who Successfully Pass The Finals Will Receive 2 Tourist Guide Certificates & A Tourist Guide Batch : 

Carrier Opportunities

Freelance Tourist Guide

  • Travel & Tour Coordinator

  • Tour Leader

Working at Travel Agency

  • Tour Consultant

  • Front Office Personel

SKM Trainer / Lecturer

Short Course (CTRE) Trainer

  • Short Course Trainer for tourism related training


Skill Malaysia Certificate Level 3 

Tourist Guide (TG)


Duration : 6 months

Mode : Full-time / Part-time

Intake :  -

To see training course flow chart click the button below.

1.Tour Job Assignment Acceptance

  • Communicate with customer

  • Identify tour job assignment 

  • Confirm tour job assignment details

  • Accept tour job assigment

2.Tour Arrangement Reconfirmation

  • Verify tour itinerary

  • Acquire up to date information related to tour arrangement activities

  • Finalise tour arrangement

3.Tourist Arrival Execution

  • Perform pre-arrival activities

  • Perform 'Meet and Greet' at arrival point 

  • Transfer tourist to accommodation destination 

  • Execute accommodation check-in

4.Tour Commentary Delivery

  • Gather information on the relevant topics

  • Prepare storyline for commentary delivery

  • Conduct tour commentary on the topics

  • Handle question and answer

Course Syllabus

5.Tour Itinerary Execution

  • Analyse tour itinerary content and its arrangement 

  • Carry out tour itinerary

  • Carry out alternative arrangement for contingencies

  • Adhere to safety, security and emergency procedures

  • Report tour itinerary execution

6.Tourist Health, Safety, Security And Emergency Handling

  • Analyse relevant health, safety, security and emergency information

  • Minimise risk and hazard

  • Conduct health, safety, security and emergency briefing

  • Report health, safety, security and emergency incidence

7.Tourist Departure Execution

  • Ascertain tourist departure details

  • Plan tourist departure arrangement

  • Inform tourist in advance of departure details and arrangement

  • Coordinate departure arrangement

  • Execute accommodation check-out

  • Transfer tourist to departure point

  • Execute boarding arrangement activities at the departure point

9.Tour Payment Arrangement

  • Assess tour payment arrangement instruction

  • Execute tour payment instruction

  • Report tour payment transactions

10.Optional Tour Execution

  • Identify optional tours suitability

  • Promote optional tours to the tourist

  • Carry out optional tours to the tourist

11.Post Tour Reporting

  • Obtain on-tour information

  • Study tourist feedback

  • Generate tour report


Enrollment Requirements

  1. Malaysian age 18 years old and above

  2. SPM with 6 subject pass including Bahasa




MQA accredited Diploma/Degree


Skill Malaysia Certificate (SKM) level 3 and above in tourism related field


5 years working experience in tourism sector/company

Course Fee

Processing  Fee :  RM 300.00

Course Fee : RM 7,500.00

Participant age 18 to 45 years old can apply student loan for course fees & monthly allowance (RM400 per month) from Perbadanan Tabung Pembangunan Kemahiran (PTPK). Terms and condition apply.

25 seats left

* Course fee is according to new 2022 PTPK course fee structure. 

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